One of my most prominent childhood memories is the utter elation I felt every morning when walking into my first-grade classroom. My teacher wrote a new sentence on the chalkboard every day, which we students were instructed to copy into our notebooks, then find all the grammatical errors before the bell rang. This sparked my longest-lived childhood hobby: completing grammar workbooks for fun.

Sounds like a blast, right? Just me?

I've never lost that love for the English language, and I now use it to fine-tune my clients' writing projects.


I help:

  • authors get their story ready to read by polishing their manuscript while maintaining their unique voice.

  • businesses ensure their message is readable, free of errors, and consistent with their brand.

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If you've decided to self-publish, mistakes and inconsistencies may inhibit your sales. For example, Amazon flags or removes books that contain certain errors.


If you're pursuing traditional publishing, working with a freelance editor first could increase your chances of being picked up by a publisher. If you do secure a book deal, in-house editors won't necessarily have the time to give your manuscript the attention it deserves.


Most important, becoming an edited writer allows you to offer a better experience to your readers.


Gaining the trust of your potential clients is vital. How many times have you come across a sketchy business with errors in its text? You want to make sure your own messaging is clean and credible.

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